Monday, June 13, 2016

Visas and Training


This week was a bit crazy to say the least. Wednesday was "renew our visas" day! So about ten of us foreigners spent all day in the center of São Paulo doing wonderful government stuff...signing a billion and one papers and waiting in wonderfully long lines. But it was all good because there was food involved (and it wasn't rice and beans! I do like rice and beans but after 10 months of eating the same thing everyday, it was nice to have some variaton)! At the end of it all it was a great day! I loved being with other Americans talking the American talk and about all the food we are missing (which is mainly cereal and Mexican food haha).
P.S. our companions stayed in our areas em divisão com other missionaries so they didn't have to sit around aimlessly em quanto we were doing all this. 

Then on Thursday we had a training just for the sisters at the house of Presidente. It was so awesome to see all the sisters in the São Paulo Sul mission reunited for the day (there are only about 40-50ish sisters in my mission). There were a couple of people that came to talk to us today: Sister Hart and Sister Cox. They are two cute older woman that focus on how we can be healthier and not be so stressed. Sister Cox is a counselor of all the American missionaries in Brasil. She retired from BYU recently and has been here in Brasil for nine months. She talked about how to not ruin our mission and relax a bit. To not try to be that perfectionist and think that everything will work out just how we planned because as I am learning every day, it doesn't...we have to be flexible and be ready for anything. Afterwards, Sister Hart (the mission doctor) talked to us about health and what we could do to be healthier. Then it was time for Presidente and Sister Braodbent to talk to us. They talked about how beautiful and unique we are individually but that all together we are even more beautiful (like a bouquet of flowers). But one thing they really focused on was how we need to love each other unconditionally. All of us have fraquezas so there is no need to judge but try to look at her as our Heavenly Father looks at her. Just love everyone! I know that this can be hard at times but I know that as we try, the little things that tick us won't anymore. It's all about love! 

Welp that's it for this week! Have a wonderful week and hope you all are enjoying that wonderful summer time! Love you!!!

Love, Sister Hilchie :) 

Courtney and Sis Taffarel at the Temple

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