Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tchau Santo Andre!


Today is TRANSFER DAY! And after a glorious seven months in Santo André, I am being transferred to Parque Bristol! It's more towards São Paulo, and I will be right next to the zoo and botanical gardens. I am pretty excited. I will be serving with a sister who only has three months in the field, don't know much about her but am super excited to meet her! AH! I am ready for this new adventure. 

This week we visited the son of Paulo (our recent convert), Guilherme. Paulo was pretty excited for us to teach Guilherme. He only has 15 years but is a great young man. He is really searching for an answer to whether or not the church is true. He really wants to know and this makes it a bit easier for us because he is willing to do the compromissos that we leave with him (reading the Book of Mórmon, praying, etc). And every time that we visit or see Paulo, he asks how it's doing. Since Paulo and his wife are separated, Guilherme lives with his mom and Paulo just goes and chats with him almost every day. So in other words, he already knows how it's going so maybe he just wants to hear it from us. You could say Paulo is pretty anxious to go to church with his son and give him a better life. It's pretty cool to see, and I am super glad that I played a part in it all. 

We also visited a lot of our investigators this week to give one last lesson, Sister Taffarel and I together and to take loads of pictures. I have met some wonderful people here over these past months and it is hard to let them go but I know that they will be in good hands. Sister Taffarel is staying here and a sister that already has more than a year under her belt with be her companion so our investigators will be well taken care of. 

Hope you all are doing well and are having an awesome summer!!! Enjoy it!! Love you all!! 

Love, Sister Hilchie :)

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