Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mission Conference

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Bom dia família!!!! 

Sis Hubert and Courtney with Sis De Lima. 
Alright so this week was crazy. And I mean crazy. At the beginning of this week, nos tivemos uma confêrencia da missão(we had a mission conference)! Ah it was awesome to see the whole mission united once again! It's something I'm really going to miss since we don't have transferencias as a missão anymore. But there we watched the treinamento(training) that the Missionary Department gave a couple weeks ago, and it was really good. I learned that I need to improve in a lot of things and that as missionaries, we need to focus more on helping our investigators getting to know our Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost better. Help them know Them, how we know and love each of Them individually and as one. I read a discurso that talked about this by Elder Holland that was really good (can be found in the January 2016 Liahona) that talked about the Trinidade. Elder Holland said that most people don't know the divinity of the Trinity like we as members of the church do. Most don't know that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us each personally and has an infinite amount of love for each of us and that His son Jesus Christ is our one and only way we can get back to live with Him again. Heavenly Father sent His perfect son to earth to set the example. To lead us back home. To be the light in our lives. Anyways it was a really good talk and I would encourage everyone to read it! 

Courtney and her new comp, Sis. De Lima
Later this week we met Walison e Wesley. They are brothers and both friends of Lucas (who was recently baptized). And they are pretty awesome! When we arrived to pick up Lucas to go teach, he said he could call them to see if they were up. So he did and next thing we know, Wesley is at the door. So we ended up teaching Wesley first at Lucas's house then walked over to where the brothers lived to teach Walison. As Wesley opened the door, he proclaimed that he was going to be baptized! It was great to hear that he really wants to, but his mom was not too enthusiastic about this news. She said that he was too young and that if he were to get baptized, he needed to realize that he wasn't making a promise to just anyone, but to God. So we sat down with her, Walison, Wesley, and Lucas and taught about the importance faith, repentance, and especially baptism. Afterwards she was a little more warmed up to the idea and even said she would visit the church Sunday! But at the end, Lucas looked at them and said with all seriousness, "think real long and hard about this. pray muito. isto é um oportunidade de ouro(it is a golden opportunity)!" Guys, it was so awesomely awesome to hear him say that! Ever since Lucas found the gospel, he has grown so much and is so ready to share the gospel with everyone and excited to do everything he can as a member. He is at all the activities, at church every Sunday, and the Young Men's president said that he is a great example and ahead of all the young men in Duty to God. Guys the gospel changes lives. It brings a light and happiness into their lives, and I'm so so so grateful that I get to help them make this change! 

I love you guys! You all are super awesome! Have an absolutely wonderful week! 

Sister Hilchie :)       

"Sleepover" (They all live in the same apt!)

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