Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Working and Walking


I hope you all had a fantastic week at school and work but most importantly, a fantastically wonderful weekend! My week was pretty great! We found a lot of new investigators, and our investigators Sister Marquina and I had before the transfer are still progressing! The Lord is blessing us big time! 

We taught an older couple this week, and they are just so sweet! They live alone in their cute little apartment and were very open to our message. They even have already been to church three time when there were elders in my area almost a year ago. So it's been quite some time since they've been in contact with the church. But they both really liked visiting the church and like how it is set up--with relief society/priesthood one hour, Sunday school another, and sacrament the other--and have a desire to follow a church. They are Catholics but aren't firm in their faith. The only reason they're Catholics is because when the wife's mom was dying, her mom made each of her children promise to follow her religion. So each of them did and till this day all but one are still Catholic. But the husband said that they would like to be firm in one religion and be active participants, unlike they are now but convincing the wife to go against her mother's wishes will be harder. 

Also this week we finally taught Julius again (the one from Africa)!!!! He really likes coming to church and has been there the past two Sundays! The members also are really welcoming and friendly with him and try to help in any way they can. We even have some members that are studying English so they practice their English on him while he practices Portuguese with them! It's great to see the ward helping him and allows us to talk to other members, our leaders, and bishop when we need to. Anyways, we taught him yesterday about the restoration and focused a lot on baptism and the priesthood. He had already been baptized beforehand in Africa and was a bit confused on why he needed to be again. After a lot of explaining and translating (because Sister De Lima doesn't speak English so she would talk real slow and if he didn't understand, I would translate for him), and a strong presence of the Spirit we invited him to be baptized exactly how Christ was baptized. With the same authority that John the Baptist had when he baptized Jesus Christ. And he said he wanted to! Ah guys! I love being a missionary and helping other people grow their faith in Christ and help them start down the path that will lead them to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again! 

Boom. That's about as exciting as it got this week. Other than that we just walked and walked and walked and walked and talked to random strangers in the street. Well I hope you all have a wonderfully awesome week!!! I love you all!!!!

Sister Hilchie :) 

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