Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Just a screen shot of our chat with Courtney, no video - sorry!

We got to skype with our sweet Courtney today!  It was a unpredictable connection but we managed to piece together a conversation with her.  I understand why we can't skype regularly, it was really hard to let her go.  She is so far away and it would be so hard to stay for 18 months with a reminder of what you are missing at home.  She is doing great, we heard her speak some Portuguese and met her companion on line.
Here are some things she told us about Brazil:
1.The traffic is crazy and on top of that there are motorcycles darting in and out of traffic everywhere.
2.The food is good, rice and beans are served at every meal. Chicken is a common dish. She is fed lunch everyday by members in the ward she is serving in. Everyone goes home for lunch, it is the big meal of the day.
3. Christmas is not the same when it is hot outside!
4. Brazilians are friendly and polite.
5.  When she goes to church she gets hugs and kisses from all the females there. Common greeting.
6.  When the sun and the sky is clear it will be a hot day.
7.  The houses are really close together, no yards to speak of.
8.  There are bars on the garages and many of them have dogs in them, so one dog barks and the barking snowballs - so everyone on the street knows they are there!
9.  There are parks dotted through the city with walking paths and exercise equipment.
10. Brazilians have a different time table than us, they are not always home when they say they will be.
11.  One US dollar equals 4 Brazilian dollars
12.  Milk is very different and not very tasty, found in a cardboard box unrefrigerated. (We have a Brazilian missionary here and he doesn't like the milk either)
13.  They do not have pancakes and syrup.
14.  The area she is in is very hilly, Santo Andre.
15.  She is only one of 5 American sister missionaries in her area, most of the missionaries there are from Brazil.
16.  It costs 60 cents to use the internet for an hour, at the internet cafe.
17.  They have a lot of fruit there, similar to ours but there is one from the Amazon that she really likes, Capuacu, it is delicious she says.(I think that is the name of it)
18.  She gets to go to the temple once every three months.
19.  There are a lot of Catholics there.
20.  She has the BEST mission president, he gave them unlimited time to skype.  Thank goodness because we had a lot of connection problems and had a lot of dropped calls.

It was so good to hear her voice and see her face.  We are so excited for the opportunity she has to learn and grow and become a strong woman in character and faith.   We missed having her home for Christmas but she is living the spirit of Christmas every day.  Sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ to the people of Brazil.  Thank you for your support and interest in her mission!  Merry Christmas!!!!

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