Monday, December 14, 2015

Calor de Mais (Too Hot)


I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful week and finishing out the year and school year strong! I love you guys! 

Okay so this week we found one of God's elect. The name of this wonderful person is Jaciara. She is fifteen years old and is very interested in the gospel--and I mean very. She has been coming to church the past four Sundays with her friend who is a member (Adrieli). After Jaciara had been to church about 2 or 3 times, Adrieli approached us and asked if we could teach her friend. Well of course we can! So this Wednesday we finally met Jaciara. We were so excited to meet with and teach her. The first lesson we taught about following the example of Jesus Critso in all things and particularly baptism. It went really well and at the end of the lesson we invited her to really think and pray about what we had said and about the baptismal date we gave her. Welp we returned the next day (Thursday) to see if she prayed and how her prayer went. And yes sir she prayed and received an answer! wootwoot! She felt that she needed to be baptized and that this was the right path for her. Oh man were we excited! So with this energy and spirit we taught the Restoration, gave her a Book of Mormon and marked a part for her to read and pray about. Now this whole time we had been teaching her in Adrieli's home, which is a bit noisy, so Friday we decided to swing by Jaciara's home and teach her there. We had never been to her house before so when Friday rolled around, we searched adn searched and searched for a good hour up and down hills in the wonderful heat until we finally found her house. And guess who wasn't home? Jaciara. But her mom (who is not a member) was which was good because we had a chance to talk to her about Jaciara's decision. She is very supportive of her daughter and is excited that she had found the gospel in her life instead of finding and doing other not so good things. *phew* we were a bit worried about meeting with and talking with Jaciara's mom but all went well! Finally knowing where her house was, we visited again on Saturday to talk to Jaciara. And she was home! We asked her how reading the Book of Mormon went and not only did she read the part we marked but she also started to read from the beginning, and wow is she smart. She understood the story perfectly. Sister Marquina and I were blown away at how much she had learned. Even better, she prayed about the Book of Mormon and know it's true! Ah she is my dream investigator come true! Except we were talking about her baptismal date (December 20th) and all was well until she said she wanted to be baptized the 27th so she could start the new year off right and have a bit more confidence in her decision. ahhh no we know she is ready and marked a baptismal interview for this Wednesday and are really hoping that the Elder (along with the Spirit) will touch her heart so she will have more confidence in us and the 20th. We will see what happens this Wednesday. 

This week I had pancakes for the first time in four months! Well sweet pancakes. Here a lot of the members like to make pancakes, roll them up, and stuff them with meat. They are really good but not as good as a traditional pancake.

 Also Saturday we had a nice downpour of rain, which we were not expecting at all. We woke up with not a single cloud in the sky so we didn't even bother to bring an umbrella. Well was that a mistake. We were walking back from an appointment when it all started. At first it was just a little sprinkle then out of nowhere BOOM! Hello rain! And we had no nearby shelter so but the time we got to our next appointment, we were drenched....there was not a part of our bodies that was dry. But it felt really really good because we had been dying of calor for most of the week. 

Também I had to give a last minute talk Sunday. We had a meeting with the bishopric this Sunday and at the end, the bishop looked at me and said that the member that was supposed to give a talk that day called and said she wouldn't be able to make it, and asked me to take her place. Wow I was not ready for this at all but told him I could. Thankfully Sister Marquina had a Liahona with her so I took the First Presidency’s message for this month and created a five minute talk. Man maybe I should write some  talks beforehand so when this happens again I will be prepared. 

Well I love you all and hope you have a superbly fanastical week and can't wait to see you all on Christmas!!! AHH!!! 

Love, Sister Hilchie :) 

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