Monday, September 14, 2015

Jordanopolis Here I Come!

  Oi família! Todo bem?

Well I´ve made it one week into the field and so far so awesome! I am serving in a cute, little town called Jordanopolis just outside of São Paulo, and serving with five other companionships in a zone called Rude Rumas. For those of you who don´t know, each mission is divided into zones--with about 5 or more companionships. Then each zone is divided into districts with 2 or 3 or 4 sets of missionaries. Then each district is divided into areas with 1 set of missionaries. If this made not sense whatsoever, talk to my parents! My new companion is Sister Oliveira! She is from Rio de Janeiro, and is superly awesome! She is very helpful and patient with me and my Portuguese. I am learning a lot from her and slowly but surely, little by little learning more Portuguese and how to be a fantastic missionary. 

Scooby Doo is alive and well in Brazil!!
So life as a missionary is exhausting and hard but totally awesome with the fantastically, spiritual moments outweighing the less-pleasant moments. Cada dia, we go out on the streets and talk to people sobre who we represent and why we´re here. Then we ask if we can come to their home another dia and share a message. The people here are so friendly and willing to listen to us even if they don´t accept our invitation. Most of them say they are too busy, while others seem genuinely interested. Then there are those who look at me all confused-like after I´m done talking, and that´s when I know they didn't  understand a word I said because of my accent. At this point Sister Oliveira steps in and saves the day! 

Now I am going to back tract and start from the day before I left the CTM (Sept. 7). In Brazil, September 7th is their independence day so the cafeteria was all decorated with streamers and flags, and we had a HUGE lunch with ICE CREAM!!!! I haven´t had ice cream in over a month, which is really sad, so when Sister Hubert and I saw it , you could say we were a bit excited! And sim, just in case you were wondering, it was super delicious!
Sis Hilchie and her district/teachers in the CTM
After a fantastic last day in the CTM, it was finally time to leave for the field. We met President and Sister Broadbank--who are so kind and loving and basically my parents in Brazil! (don´t worry mom and dad, you guys are still O MELHOR)! After meeting the President, we went to a chapel where the rest of the missionaries were waiting for us. As soon as we walked in, a massive army of missionaries stood up and started clapping and hip hip hooraying! They filled me with a renewed sense of energy, and I was honored to be able to serve in São Paulo right along side them. 

After things settled down, and meeting Sister Oliveira, a member drove us to our apartment in her little Fiat. Now before I tell this story, you must understand that:
1. Brazilians are probably some of the craziest drivers I have ever seen. 
2. In this little Fiat, we had 2 huge suitcases in the trunk, 2 in the back seat, and 1 in the front seat
3. I was sitting in the back seat squished by two huge suitcases and a smaller carry-on suitcase laying on top. 
So we were driving to our apartment when the driver makes some crazy turn, and the next thing I know that small suitcase is headed straight for my head. Luckily I looked up just in time and stopped it with my super strength. *phew* it was a close one... but the best part is that I had to hold it from falling on my face for a good 30 minutes until we arrived at our apartment. 

Em outro news, I was studying em Moroni 10 when I re-realized that Christ loves us. He loves each of us individually. We are children of God. Literally. Because He loves us, He wants to help us in any way He can but we must go to Him first through prayer with fé and a sincere heart. Through the Holy Ghost, He will help us. He loves us. He won´t leave us alone in this world because He cares for us.Through Cristo, anything is possible. I know that to be true. 

I was also reading in Mosiah chapter 2 (which I recommend all to read) and King Benjamin was talking to his people about service. We owe everything to God. He gave us our life and this earth we live on and everything we enjoy daily. The least we can do is serve others because by serving others, we are serving God and showing our gratitude for everything He has given us. 

I love you all so much and remember to SMILE!!! :D
Have a wonderful week!
In front of the Sao Paulo Temple
Sister Hilchie :)   

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