Monday, March 7, 2016

Working Hard


This week was pretty awesome! It is finally starting to cool down a little bit and we had rain practically this whole week. It was a nice change from the heat I've been treading through for the past three/four months. Fall is coming! And we are excited! 

Welp, this week we found a lot more new investigators so we have a good amount of people to teach now, which is great because for a while we didn't have very many. We are finding a lot of families to teach! I love teaching families! It's awesome to see the reactions on their faces when we talk about how their family can be together forever. I am so grateful that I will not only have my family here on earth but also in the life to come. I get to be with the ones I love the most for all eternity! This is a huge blessing the gospel has to offer and I am so grateful that I get to help others have this blessing também! 

We also had a divisão(splits) this week. Since Sister De Lima is a sister líder, we will be having one every week and I will get to work with the companion of the other sister líder. So this week, we worked in her area, which is a lot different than my area. There it is mainly just houses....well actually only houses smacked right next to each other and a lot of little shops. But there weren't as many hills which is always a plus. But it was nice to come back to my small (but not really) area of Santo André. 

Also we taught this older man named Arnaldo. He has already heard about the church and used to go to church with his uncle when he was younger. He liked it a lot but then moved and never went back. So we taught him about Christ and how He is our example in all things and how he showed us how we should be baptized. Afterwards, he said he wanted to be baptized, but he smokes.....but the good news is that he has a strong desire to quit. He already tried once and stopped for six months but then one day got really stressed and started back up again. So we're going to work really hard with him to quit so he can be baptized. 

Also remember Osvaldo? Well this Sunday not only did he come to church but also his wife and daughter! Ahhhh! We were super duper excited to see them! Also I don't know if I already said this but the last time we were at their house, Osvaldo said that he noticed that the irmãos (Elders) wear white shirts and ties and asked if he could too even though he wasn't a member yet. We told him to go right ahead and this Sunday he was there, white shirt and all! They seemed to really enjoy church and we're going to visit them this week and see what they thought. They are an awesome family and are definitely ready for the gospel! 

That's about it for this week! I love you all so much and hope you guys have a week that is beyond this world! Até mais! 

Love, Sister Hilchie :)  

Chaco tan!!

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  1. Hey Courtney,
    Hope your doing well???? We miss you!! It looks like you are very busy!! I'm jealous that its hot I wish it was summer here already!! We send you our love and prayers stay safe!!