Monday, February 22, 2016



Notice the street sign!
Welp transfer ended yesterday and guess what?! I AM STAYING IN SANTO ANDRÉ!!!! I am so excited to continue here and with Sister De Lima! We have met some really awesome families lately that we really didn't want to leave behind and our wishes came true! 

So our last week of the transfer was super awesome! We were able to go to the temple the beginning of last week. I am so grateful that we have a temple close by and are able to visit every 2 to 3 months. It's always so nice to go to the Lord's house and sit and relax with no distractions. To not have to worry about what's outside. To not have to worry about the world. So that was a nice little treat this week. 

Also, remember Oswaldo? He's the one that had always been interested in the church and then one Sunday appeared. Well we visited him and his family this week, and they are just wonderful! He said that after he came home from church that Sunday that he couldn't stop smiling. He had felt something incredible and nothing could take it away from him. So we started to talk to him about the church and baptism and all, and he said he has a strong desire to be baptized! He even came to church this Sunday and said next Sunday he will bring his family. His "wife" (because they're not married....we're working on that) and daughter attend another church so we are working with them too but a bit more slowly to not push them away. We are going back to visit them tomorrow and are super excited to teach them and help them be together for eternity! 

Besides this, our week was as normal as a missionary week can get. Except it did start to hail on us out of nowhere--it was kind of weird and random. Have a wonderfully fantastic week pessoal!!! EU AMO VOCÊS!!!! You guys are the best! 

Sister Hilchie :)

The elder in front is coming to North GA!
At the temple

Her District at the temple

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