Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy, Happy Halloween!!


Sorry that I didn't get to send a gigantic email to you guys last week. I forgot that last Monday was yet another holiday so EVERYTHING was shut down for the day--kind of like Georgia when it snows--and then I only had an hour last Tuesday to write. Anyways, I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and didn1t have too much fun without me! A lot of people here, I discovered, know a little bit about Halloween and think it is muito legal (means cool/awesome)! Então I got a ton of questions about what we do, what it's like but the one thing that grabbed people's attentions was trick-or-treating! We were visiting one family and talking (of course) about Halloween when one of the children said that he was going to visit the U.S. just to go trick-or-treating! Side note: this family has been with us from day one. The mom (Nadiere) and her two sons (Henrique e Lucas) are members while the dad (Wilson) e grandma (Luzinete) are not. So we've been concentrating on them--having FHE, reading the Book of Mormon, and revisiting different principles of the gospel but they are super awesome, and the dad and grandma are very supportive of the church so that is great! 

Also this week we taught a lesson to um irmão named Cosme and his wife Marta. We were talking about baptism and how they needed to be baptized by water and fire (the Holy Ghost). When we told Cosme that he needed not only to be baptized not only by water but also fire, his eyes got real wide and his mouth dropped. He thought he actually had to be baptized by fire! We told him not to worry and that baptism by fire was another way to say "you need to recieve the Holy Ghost" lol. 

I also realized this week that I have yet to tell you guys about Tatiana. We met her na rua about a month ago and when we asked her when we could visit her and share a message, she said "tomorrow!" We visited her the next day and discovered that she is absolutely awesome! She lives with her husband, 3 year old daughter, and numerous pets! She loves animals and is finishing up vet school in the next month or so. Anyways, she doesn't follow one specific religion but has a made up religion in her head (which she discovered is very similar to what Latter-day Saints believe). One day we were visiting her, and she said she had been looking online and reading about the Church. Immediately I thought "oh no what did she find?", but to my surprise everything she found was positive and true! After her search, she said that out of all the religions she has heard, and learned about, she feels most connected with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! She is awesome and the last time we visited her, she told us that she is reading the Book of Mormon with her daughter and teaching her the simpler doctrines that we teach her! Também she wants to be baptized but she has clinicals on Sundays so this puts a block in the road because she can´t switch days....but somehow someway she will be with a lot of guidance and help from Jesus Christ. 

I hope you all have a spectacular week! Eu amo vocês!!!!! 

Sister Hilchie :) 

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