Tuesday, November 17, 2015


EH FAMÍLIA!! Hope everything is fantastic down in Georgia! I'm missing the cooler weather that is starting down there....here it is just wonderfully hot every day. But all is well! I only got really sunburnt once this week, which lead to some horrible tans lines mas tudo bem! 

This week was super crazy. It all started with last Monday when Presidente Broadbent called us up at 9am....he wanted us to try something different for a couple days. He wanted us to do 50 contatos each both Tuesday and Wednesday and to leave the house at 10:30am. Wow. We had a hard enough time doing 10 contatos every day, how were we supposed to do 50? Well we were about to find out. So for the next two days, we left the house at 10:30am and stormed the streets. And with a little faith and more of a positive/"I can do this" attitude, we were able to do more than 200 contatos between the two of us Tuesday and Wednesday. It was pretty awesome to see how many endereços we recieved! We just needed to talk with the whole world! At the end of this little trial, Presidente wanted us to call him to let him know how it went. So thursday morning we did, and that afternoon had a grande reunião with the whole mission--in which our mission started over. Presidente had been thinking A LOT about our mission and how we could do better and as a result, we have some new protocol. Instead of doing ten contatos every day, we have to do 50...woah. We would leave every day at 10:30am and get to work. Because each missionary was going to be doing 50 contatos, Presidente expects at least one baptism each week per companionship and if we don´t to expect a call from him or one of the assistants. wowdittywowwow. He is really firm in this and hopefully with this change and the other smaller changes, our mission will grow stronger and more unified. 

Saturday there had a teatro sobre o Livro de Mórmon. It was legal de mais! The actors were not professionals, just a little theatre group, but it was still very family friendly and explained the story of the Book of Mormon very well, and the guy who played Laman was on point. We had some investigators there and some of their questions they had were cleared up, which is always good because a confused investigator is not a good thing. 

Alrighty so people are already putting up Christmas decorations!!! The displays are not as grand or spectacular as the ones in the States but algumas pessoas have strings of lights outside their homes and every house I have been in so far has a little Christmas tree! Ah I am so excited for Christmas! 

I hope you all have a superbly awesome week! Eu amo vocês muito!!!!

Love, Sister Hilchie     

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