Friday, August 4, 2017

This Week

Look at that haircut!! We need better lighting:)

Well guys, I am also from Greece and Spain kkkk. But yeah, so this week I had to renew my visa or I would have been deported kkkk, and so 6 hours of travel to get there (it was very long) but it went smoothly, so I won’t be kicked out kkkk. Oh, and I learned (more or less) how to fly a kite!! It is hard here because the kites are very small and unstable, but with the help of the neighbors, I finally got one up in the air, it was a very fun 5 minuteskkkk.

But yeah, and speaking of 5 minutes, did you know that if you could just see the celestial kingdom (heaven) you would learn more in this 5 minutes than in a whole life of study. I was thinking, and I think it has a part to do with the presence of the Holy Ghost, because if you have the Holy Ghost when you are learning, He will show you what you want and need to know, regardless if it is written or not. And God wants this for us, because the more we know and the more we live the Gospel, the more we will learn in ALL fields and the more likely that we will return to our loving Heavingly Father.
love you guys!!!!!!!! keep me updated!!!!!!!!!
com amor
Elder Hilchie

Count on Tyler to find super heroes!

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